The Bad 13: Will 2013 Be Unlucky? Is 13 an Omen of the Occult?
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The Bad 13: Will 2013 Be Unlucky? Is 13 an Omen of the Occult?

Many individuals perceive 13 as an unfortunate number, and 2013 might be so for mysterious (stowed away) reasons.

Annuit Cœptis on our $1 note and the other aphorism on the opposite of the Great Seal, Novus ordo seclorum, can both be followed to lines by the Roman artist Virgil. Annuit cœptis comes from the Aeneid, book IX, line 625, that peruses, Jupiter omnipotens, audacibus annue cœptis. A request means, "Jupiter Almighty, favor [my] striking endeavors." (Wikipedia)

Jupiter is what could be compared to Zeus, the hero Join the illuminati for wealth force of Greek folklore who saved everybody without any need of atonement as opposed to the Judeo-Christian ideas.

Taken from the Latin words annuo (third-individual solitary present) "to endorse", and coeptum (plural coepta), "beginning, undertaking", it is in a real sense deciphered, "He supports (has supported) the endeavors," Wikipedia.

That is a great aphorism for the Federal Reserve that started in 1913 and a couple of different things on our $1 note recommend a more than ordinary obsession with 13. There are 13 moves forward the pyramid to the Luciferian eye, 13 bolts, 13 olive leaves and 13 stars,

With Obamacare set to start in March, and the Illuminati's emphasis on commemorations, 2013 seems as though it very well may be colossal.

Agnosticism considers the number 13 to be a period of progress and in Celtic convictions 13 was viewed as the "transitioning" for young men. Old Celtic convictions say that the number thirteen is hallowed as it addresses the one joining the Goddess, addressed by the number three. Numerology puts importance on the number thirteen when the condition 1+3=4 is thought of, four being authentic of the circle of life.

While present day notions put negative implications on the number thirteen, in more established conviction frameworks, presently viewed as connected to the mysterious, 13 is various progress and change. One consummation turns into a start, proceeding with the sacrosanct pattern of life. From a mysterious angle, 2013 is pregnant with potential outcomes.

The Mayan Calendar presents a scope of eschatological convictions that disastrous or groundbreaking occasions will happen on 21 December 2012. This date is the end-date of a 5,125-drawn out cycle in that schedule, however standard grant sees no importance in it.

A New Age understanding of the change is that this date denotes the beginning of time where Earth might go through a positive physical or otherworldly change. (Wikipedia)

The unequaled hit, the Bible, likewise has data of interest for this progress. Mass migration 12:2,41 shows that another schedule was started when Israel left Egypt following 430 years. 2012 is 430 years of our Gregorian (ecclesiastical) Calendar. Will we see one more emerging (Exodus) or change as proposed previously?

Fervent Christians show a 7-year finishing in view of Joseph's seven terrible years, Babylon was lowered for quite a long time when Nebuchadnezzar ate grass, and there could be an end-time use of Daniel 9:25.. This supports the likelihood that Christ could come in 2020. Perhaps God took part in the 20/20 articulation for individuals who see well.

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